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All Girls to School

Before we start a new project, we sign an agreement with the population of the very villages to make them promise that they will send more girls to school once the new buildings are constructed. To give further importance to this idea, the Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development proposed us to start a campaign to increase the number of girls in classrooms. Picking up this proposal, we asked a young artist to design a poster that would communicate our idea visually.

Patrick Rieve

In November 2012, we placed these posters in the nearby villages of our school projects of 2012. A short time later we discovered that all the posters had disappeared. When we asked what had happened, we were told that many people liked the pictures so much that they preferred to take them home!

Before the next school year will start in October 2013, we have planned for another action in September. A Beninese music group has composed a song in which the parents are being asked to send their daughters to school. In addition, we had T-shirts printed with a simplified version of the poster. Together with a theater group, the song, and the T-shirts, we are going to visit villages and explain the great importance of sending girls now to school and the role that female education plays for the development of countries like Benin.





For this activity, we are still very much in need of financial support!